Stratified Evangelism and Discipleship Our Pillars

Proclaiming the Gospel to every level (Strata) of society

AE Stratified Evangelism Model aims at proclaiming the gospel to every level (strata) of society. We are committed to ensuring that as many people as possible in the cities of Africa hear the gospel where they are, and in a language and through an approach that resonates most with them, be they senior government leaders, business and corporate executives, university professors, open air market traders, unskilled labourers, the unemployed, prisoners etc.

To do this, we work with the local church within each city through a 14-steps approach built on three pillars (3Ps):

      • Preparation
      • Proclamation
      • Preservation


Quality Standards
Quality Standards
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Our Strategic Pillars

How can we bring the Gospel to all inhabitants of African cities before it is too late?

By 2050, half the world’s population growth is projected to occur in Africa.

Most of that growth will be in urban areas, so that by 2050 it is estimated that 60% of Africa’s population will reside in cities.

There is an urgent need to sustain and increase the numbers of Christians in sub-Saharan Africa, amongst the nominally Christian nations there, and to northern nations that are home to minority extremists who are attacking surrounding nations and international citizens, and seeking to influence and terrorize whomever they come into contact with. There is too much suffering already without Jesus, and our aim is to bring healing power of hope, love and peace through Christ.

African Enterprise is well-positioned to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the growing cities of Africa in partnership with the church. We want to ensure that AE supporters and mission participants all share this vision to fund, pray and engage in unity in the Great Commission to that we are able to meet this growing demand to equip and send evangelists.

The vision we cast is based on our 60 years of experience, current successes and challenges, and where we believe that the Lord is leading us to capture new lands and hearts for Christ.

Built on key three pillars (3Ps) The Model


We engage with local churches and communities up to one year in advance. We work to unite the local churches, train Christians in effective evangelism and establish programs which will receive those who will accept Christ during the mission


Together with the local church and other partner organisations, we strategically preach the Gospel throughout the whole city and prioritise small rallies which reach people where they are whether in the marketplace, street corner, office or government building.


We support local churches as they reach out to new believers and engage with them further in their new faith. They are encouraged to begin attending a church in their neighborhood and invited to discipleship classes. Converts who needs special support are referred to our partner organisations for follow up.

Four levels of evangelism training

The 14 Steps Process

Start a movement of missions across cities of Africa

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